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Worlds fastest antibiotic susceptibility testing

Helping patients with infectious diseases in minutes instead of days 

Multidrug resistant bacteria are becoming a global challenge, threatening the live of all of us. The UN estimates that up to 10 million deaths could be caused by superbugs and associated forms of antimicrobial resistance annually by 2050.

Our photonic single-cell platform give physician an actionable result for the optimal treatment of an infection in less than one hour. This is the worldwide fastest technology for phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing.

Where does our technological lead come from? 

We detect susceptibility even before cell growth is affected. Bacteria treated with drugs react immediately by cellular reprogramming. We detect these earliest signs of reprogramming through chemical analysis of single cells by using a combination of Optical Tweezer, Raman Spectroscopy, and AI.

Combined advantages

Susceptibility results in only 30-60 minutes

Enables detection of Polymicrobial Infections

Simultaneous bacterial identification

Analyse directly from primary samples


About microphoton x

microphoton x was founded in 2022 by a passionate team of engineers and biomedical researchers. Our shared vision: revolutionizing cell analysis to create a new diagnostics platform. Bringing together two laser technologies and building an AI-aided analysis platform has the potential to redefine in vitro diagnostics as we know it. The non-destructive, single cell analysis of all cell components creates essential results incredibly fast.

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