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Shining new light on In Vitro Diagnostics

microphotonX combines two Nobel Prize- winning laser technologies: Raman Spectroscopy with Laser Trapping

A ground-breaking new cell analysis platform 

What if you could analyse cells for their chemical composition directly in the sample with no need for costly and time consuming pre-analytic workflow? microphotonX has developed a ground-breaking new platform that combines Raman spectral analysis with single-beam laser trapping. Single living cells are trapped in the laser focus to analyse them.

Combined advantages

Single cells

Live cells

Primary samples




About microphotonX

microphotonX was founded in 2022 by a passionate team of engineers and biomedical researchers. Our shared vision: revolutionizing cell analysis to create a new diagnostics platform. Bringing together two laser technologies and building an AI-aided analysis platform has the potential to redefine in vitro diagnostics as we know it. The non-destructive, single cell analysis of all cell components creates essential results incredibly fast.

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