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Raman-SBT revolutionizes biosample analysis in multiple fields of application

Raman-SBT: opening a new diagnostic chapter

The versatile use and the incredibly wide range of application of our Raman-SBT technology have been demonstrated by a host of customers and academic partners. To date, 14 publications and 2 chapters in scientific textbooks have been supported by data from our Biospex Analyser.


Single cell analysis platform

The breakthrough potential of our Raman-SBT technology is this: Single cells can be directly analysed in liquid samples without any preanalytical workflow. The suspended cells are trapped by the laser and simultaneously analysed by the Raman spectrometer unit.

We set up a study with urine samples to showcase the potential for analysis of liquid biopsies. Based on the unique Raman spectra of each component in the sample, we characterized cell types as being epithelial, immune or bacterial cells. We also detected chemical substances such as hydroxyapatite crystals. Analysis like this is possible thanks to our unique Raman SBT technology, which combines the chemical discriminatory power of Raman spectroscopy with the capability to laser-trap single cells.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-12 um 13.17.40.png

Pathogen identification in Food Safety

Raman spectra provide a chemical fingerprint of the analysed sample. This unique fingerprint can be used to detect and identify pathogens from food samples. Machine learning techniques can be trained on the Raman spectra of different cell types. With the aid of an AI classifier, these spectra can be used to identify different cell types or bacterial species. With a simple extract from a food sample, Biospex reveals characteristic Raman features of different cell types such as bacteria, fungi, or food debris. Biospex in conjunction with a spectral library can be used for  detection of potential pathogens in food samples.



Dermatology - Wound healing

Human Basal and Suprabasal Keratinocytes Are Both Able to Generate and Maintain Dermo–Epidermal Skin Substitutes in Long-Term In Vivo Experiments

Luca Pontiggia; Akshay Kumar Ahuja; Hesham Kamaleldin Yosef; Dominic Rütsche; Ernst Reichmann; Ueli Moehrlen; Thomas Biedermann

Haematology - COVID19 infection

SARS-CoV-2 Infects Red Blood Cell Progenitors and Dysregulates Hemoglobin and Iron Metabolism

Romy Kronstein-Wiedemann; Marlena Stadtmüller; Sofia Traikov; Mandy Georgi; Madeleine Teichert; Hesham Yosef; Jan Wallenborn; Andreas Karl; Karin Schütze; Michael Wagner; Ali El-Armouche; Torsten Tonn

Cytology - Endometriosis

Single-cell Raman trapping analysis revealed immunometabolism changes in peritoneal fluid in endometriosis

Chunyan Deng, Lin Zhang, Hesham K. Yosef, Yi Yang, Jinxing Jiang, Lina Yu, Ning Li, Karin Schütze, Min Zheng, Linguo Ma, Hui Qi, Lili Ren

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