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An investment into the future of diagnostics.

Join microphoton x in revolutionizing bacterial testing. Traditional methods for bacterial identification and antibiotic efficacy testing are not scalable, cannot be automated, and take 2-3 days from sample to result. We disrupt this 5 billion USD market with laser spectral analysis assisted with machine learning. 


What makes the difference?

Our cutting-edge photonic platform is designed to detect shifts in molecular composition of bacteria in real-time provide doctors with actionable results in minutes to help them select the most suitable antibiotic. We revolutionize the landscape compared to traditional methods that rely on cellular growth and take hours or even days.

Addressing a global health threat and a big market

Our Raman-SBT technology is a universal and cutting edge platform for photonic single cell analysis. Within this field microphoton x  is strategically positioned in the rapidly expanding markets of microbial testing, essential to healthcare and safety. 

  • Food Safety & Microbial Testing: Essential for public health, these markets are worth over $26 billion and are expanding as global standards for safety increase.

  • Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST): Growing at a CAGR of 5.95%, and microbial identification (ID) at 11.3%, highlight the escalating demand for rapid and accurate diagnostics. Targeting labs that utilize modern AST/ID methods, our serviceable market is an estimated 8,000 labs globally, with a potential revenue opportunity of $1.5 billion, based on current testing volumes and pricing.

  • Markets Beyond Microbial Testing: Our Biospex analyser is used by our customers in various fields like quality control of blood cells, 3D cell models or cell therapy testing.

Pioneering ultra-fast AST with groundbreaking photonic technology

microphoton x stands at the forefront of diagnostic innovation with our proprietary Raman Single Beam Trapping (Raman-SBT) technology. This breakthrough combines the specificity of Raman spectroscopy with the precision of laser trapping to deliver unparalleled diagnostic capabilities.

  • Worlds Fasted Antibiogram: Our technology offers real-time analysis of single cells or bacteria directly from  sample, revolutionizing rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) and microbial identification (ID).

  • Innovative Design: The Biospex platform integrates dual laser systems to provide non-destructive real-time analysis of single cells or bacteria allowing detailed chemical fingerprints of cells, enabling faster and more precise diagnostics than ever before.

  • Proven Impact: Peer-reviewed studies and our collaborative research underline the effectiveness of Raman-SBT in delivering actionable insights, crucial for tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

microphoton x's Raman-SBT is not just an instrument; it's a technological leap that propels AST into a new era, promising a drastic reduction in diagnostic times from days to an hour, thus enabling healthcare providers to respond to infections with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Our leadership team

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Dr. Christoph Viebig

Interim Chief Executive Officer
& Chief Financial Officer 


Dr. Hesham Yosef

Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Tilo Zolitsch

Chief Technology Officer

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