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microphoton x presents its proprietary Raman-SBT technology at Bio Europe 2022

Our new diagnostic platform technology, Raman Single Beam Trapping (SBT), allows non-destructive, label-free analysis of all chemical components of cells in liquid biopsies. This novel microscopic technique does not need any laborious preanalytical steps. Our Biospex Analyser has been tried and tested by appreciative customers in areas including oncology, haematology and regenerative medicine. Raman spectral analysis detects specific cell changes like apoptosis and differentiation. Microphoton x is excited to be at this year’s Bio Europe from 24 to 26 October in Leipzig and looks forward to networking at the Bayern Innovativ booth and in the partnering sessions. To exploit the full potential of our technology, we are looking for partners to develop new applications in drug development and diagnostics.


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